Benefits and conditions

Benefits of membership

Membership of TII offers many and varied benefits, and includes:

Typology of TII members

About one third of the members are private sector technology and innovation consultancy organisations, one third are research-industry transfer organisations (universities and other research centres) and one third are public sector, regional technology transfer players (chambers of commerce, BICs, regional development bodies, enterprise support agencies).
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Categories of Membership

TII membership is generally open to all organisations and individuals with a professional involvement in innovation support.


CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP is the normal form of membership:

1. Corporate Full Members

Corporate Full Members are organisations which directly provide innovation-support services to clients and have a registered office in the European Union. Only Full Members may vote on fundamental policy issues.

2. Corporate Associate Members

Corporate Associate Members are similarly based in the European Union but do not provide services to clients (e.g. government ministries, many professional associations).

3. Corporate Affiliate Members

Corporate Affiliate Members are innovation-support organisations based in any country outside the European Union. There are no geographic restrictions on affiliate membership.


4. Individual Members

is available exceptionally to innovation-support professionals whose organisations are unable, for budgetary or similar reasons, to take out corporate membership. Individual members do not have access to certain services (JBEngine).

Cost of Membership

Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December. Applications for membership are welcome throughout the year (a pro-rata membership fee is charged). Membership is automatically renewed every year. To cancel your membership written notification must be sent to by 31 January.
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