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In its drive to offer value added services to members and to enhance members’ acquisition of new projects and business, TII is currently running its “Project Lab Service” delivered on a freemium basis.The Project Lab service comes in 2 parts:
  • A basic service package, covered by the TII membership fee, offering specialized and customized information on EU/International funding programmes and a targeted alerting on bidding opportunities and open calls
  • A premium service package, comprising variable charging for different services, offering hands-on support for proposal writing.

LEVEL 1: Basic service package

Service outline


  • Feeding of customized information and bidding opportunities in relation to members’ specialized fields and with a particular focus on funding lines relating to innovation and technology transfer (e.g. Horizon 2020, COSME, Erasmus , EuropeAid) and in line with their expertise/expectations;
  • Concept notes prepared by the Project Lab staff for proposals led by TII circulated to TII members with the required skills/expertise with a view to preparing joint applications;
  • Partner search, based on the specifications provided by the TII member, on the TII Members Skills Register and other extended networks and channels.

LEVEL 2: Premium service package


Service outline


a) Consortium building and idea shaping, consisting of the identification of a short list of potential partners to provide an effective and balanced consortium (also beyond the TII membership) and virtual brainstorming workshop to shape the project concept.

PRICE: € 700


b) Peer review cycle, up to three working sessions with Project Lab staff: inception meeting to shape the concept note/partnership composition, mid-term review of the proposal to improve/sharpen its focus and final review to fine-tune the proposal.

PRICE: €1,500


c) Proposal writing service, offering a qualified project writing team to assist members with writing their own project application and including

  • Assembling all the partners’ inputs for a sound concept and writing a robust proposal
  • Building a balanced and effective consortium (also outside the TII membership)
  • Support with developing the budget
  • Reviewing and submitting the proposal

TII can make available meeting facilities in Brussels if required.

PRICE: 10-20 man days (depending on the type of application) at the price of €350 per day (to be shared possibly among the consortium partners)


d) TII Project Lab Information meetings, on Horizon 2020 and other international funding programmes (COSME, ERASMUS etc.), including briefing sessions by EC desk officers and Brussels funding experts

PRICE: €300 per meeting


e) Address and meeting facilities in Brussels, for subscribers’ own Brussels-based activities

The offer includes:

  • an address c/o TII to put on subscribers’ company notepaper
  • a meeting room for a maximum of 12 people and for 10 meetings per year (to be reserved in advance and subject to availability)
  • Light catering can be purchased at very reasonable prices.

PRICE: €1,500 per year



PL Team


The Project Lab is run by Francesca Chieruzzi and Maria Augusta Mancini, two experienced bid developers with a solid track record in getting projects funded across various EC programmes with a focus on innovation support.


Maria Augusta and Francesca have over 10 years experience in proposal shaping (and evaluation) across the main EC funding programmes (FP7, CIP, Interreg, etc.) with a range of proposals and tenders successfully submitted, funded and managed.


The team has been working together for many years and has a long tradition of cooperating with TII. It has direct knowledge of the innovation process and value chain, with complementary expertise ranging from policy and governance-related issues to direct support to R&D organizations and SMEs for innovation and TT across a number of thematic fields addressed by EU funding (from eco to social innovation, ICT, Energy, Biotech, Urban Development, etc.).


Since November 2012, when the testing phase of the Project Lab began, a number of funding applications have been developed and submitted with a selection of TII members.


Skills and experience

Francesca’s skills focus on the development of technical proposals for international and national tenders, innovation policy analysis and evaluation, socio-economic studies, as well as the design and coordination of transnational research and development projects. Main assignments in the past have dealt with regional innovation strategies (SRI Sicilia, RIS Slovenia and RIS Hungary, RIS Mazovia); management of R&D projects in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, local development (INNOVATION COACH, TAKE IT UP), the evaluation of thematic networks and projects (ATHENA, PAXIS), best practice analysis and codification (INSPIRED, INNOVATION COACH).


Maria Augusta has a solid experience of managing pre-seed facilities to promote the transfer of knowledge on the market supporting would-be entrepreneurs and innovative start-up companies (more than 900 business proposals evaluated and 150 new companies supported) and of the design and management of innovation support measures with a focus on proof of concept and early stage financing tools (INNOVATION COACH). She has managed and worked on relevant international assignments within CIP, FP and other EU funded projects dealing with innovation support facilities (TAKE IT UP, EASY, IRTRI).



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