Professional development

Professional Development

The association lays particular emphasis on creating opportunities for members to acquire new methodologies and to develop new skills which will benefit their own career, the diversity of services offered by their organization and, just as importantly, the performance of their client companies.
This is done through stand-alone workshops and seminars or as part of the programme of the annual conference, or, since 2001, as part of the TII summer school.
The association is also receptive to organizing training events as collaborative ventures with other professional groupings active in innovation support and technology transfer at European level.


These one or two-day events are delivered by experienced practitioners on proven and successful techniques and methods for managing technology transfer and supplying innovation support services to firms. Exemplar topics include

TII Summer School

Held each year in the third week of September, in different European locations, the summer school is structured as a 5-day skills development course, delivered by an international corps of experienced and respected innovation support and technology transfer practitioners, for the benefit of practitioners from all areas of the profession.
The course consists of self-contained, one-day workshops on proven and successful techniques and methodologies. Group work and case studies are used throughout to illustrate and apply the theory to real life scenarios.
In addition, the summer school offers a unique multi-cultural and international learning environment which also provides opportunities for long-term professional networking.
Exemplar topics of course content include :
  • Communicating technology opportunities
  • Assessing the commercial potential of early-stage new technologies
  • Intellectual asset management in companies and research organizations
  • Introduction to creative problem-solving techniques
  • New product development through creativity
  • Maximizing profits from science and technology
  • Building success in international project management
  • How to set up and run a technology incubator
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