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From Monday 11 September 2006 to Friday 15 September 2006 - 2006 TII Summer School

Location : Szeged (H)

organised by TII in collaboration with Laser Consult.

The association 's 2006 Summer School was held in the University of Szeged. The city is the cultural and economic centre of the Great Plain region (Alföld) of South-Eastern Hungary, and a thriving university town.


The topics covered in this programme include:


  • An Introduction to Innovation Management
  • Making the Business Case for Technology Opportunities (practical bridge-building between science and business)
  • The Commercialization of a Knowledge- Intensive Business Idea
  • Building Success in International Project Management
  • Marketing Scientifi c Results and Services in a Turbulent Environment – What is Really Working in Technology Marketing and Commercialisation Today?

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