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The purpose is to build a quality, state-of-the-art, on-line resource of innovation tools contributed by innovation support providers (ISP) wherever they may be active in the world.
Access to the tools is nevertheless reserved for TII members.


We perceive three major benefits associated with an Innovation Wiki; it helps
  1. users to identify effective tools which they can apply in their everyday work
  2. contribute to raising professional standards among ISP with positive consequences for their clients
  3. create a stronger community of ISP across borders with common interests

How does it work?

Any ISP anywhere in the world may submit an innovation tool.
It is up to each individual or company to decide whether they offer the tool on a gift share basis or whether there is a fee.
Each tool is prefaced by a short general description (in English) in order to help classify the tool in the Wiki and to give potential users summary information, which can help them decide whether they wish to access the tool further.
A Wiki editor evaluates the submission before it is put on-line.
It is possible either to access the tool directly via the Wiki (e.g. as a pdf document or a demo version) or to contact the holder/developer of the tool if free/open access is not granted.
The Wiki accepts tools in their original language; nevertheless tools supplied in English are more likely to have wider uptake.

What is an innovation tool?

Tools come in many different forms; they may be audit/assessment questionnaires, check-lists, written procedures, manuals, guides, processes or software programmes, etc.
Their field of application will be pertinent to an area of the innovation value chain, for example:
  • Creativity
  • Foresight
  • Intelligence gathering
  • IPR management
  • Open innovation management
  • Innovation/technology audits
  • Technology assessment/commercialisation
  • New product/business development
  • Start-up/spin off creation
  • Early stage innovation finance
  • Fiscal measures for innovation
  • Marketing innovation
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Organizational change for innovation
  • Innovation infrastructure
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