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This SIS was first formed in 2002 by Gordon Ollivere of RTC North (UK), TII President from 2000 to 2006 with a core group of 30 members.
Its main purpose was to carry out a programme of peer audits to benchmark operating efficiency in technology transfer organizations.


The visit programme produced an impressive body of data describing how some of Europe's leading technology transfer agencies were organized in terms of clients and services, funding sources and staff skills.
A number of benefits were derived from the audit/benchmarking exercise, including:
  • improved working methods through the acquisition of good practice
  • the adoption of new technology transfer methodologies
  • improved and more focused networking
  • the identification of reliable partners for EU-funded projects
  • the development of a vision for technology transfer
  • joint actions to increase influence and lobby policy makers.
Having organized two audit programmes and a number of working meetings to analyse the results and explore new activities to improve the quality of innovation support services to SMEs, the group is now evolving into a new projects development unit.
In 2008, 18 TII members took part in the Quality Net peer review for the purpose of (a) gathering intelligence on each other's operations, business model and regional environment, and (b) getting to know each other better for joint (cross-border) projects and business.
The results of this series of audits was worked up into a 107-page report by Gordon Ollivere and his team at RTC North (UK).
> Download the Quality Net Report 2009 ( 2.5Mo)
It contains a comprehensive analysis of the services offered by the 18 members audited as well as the changes in management and methodology in the different organisations over a ten year period.
Through this analysis, a number of important trends emerge which help to characterise the development challenges faced by innovation support organisations throughout Europe.
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