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Innovation support providers (ISP) face enormous pressures and challenges to supply value added services to their client companies who are in search of more efficient products, technologies and management practices.

To help them do their job effectively, ISP rely on their own toolbox of methodologies and techniques which they develop over time. Such tools may be developed in-house, bought off-the-shelf or adapted and fine-tuned from other sources. In some cases, they may even become the trademark of the ISP.

What is new? What is the benefit?

The Innovation Tools Fair concept is very straightforward: to bring owners/ developers of innovation tools into contact with those who are seeking to identify tried and tested tools that can be imported or adapted for use in their own organisation.
It is structured along the lines of a speed dating event. That means that each participant is able to meet all other participants and be introduced on a reciprocal basis to the tools and methods that each ISP wishes to share.
The objective is that over 5 hours of intensive 10-15 minute meetings each participant goes home with a number of interesting new job tools which he/she can test further.
We leave it up to the participants to decide on the terms/ conditions of use which they wish to offer ? share basis, licence, purchase, etc. The main ambition is that each participant offers something of value and obtains something of value in exchange.
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