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The Business Platform - Entrepreneurship & management in the early stages of a firm's development

It is well known that the first two or three years are decisive for a firm's future development. Many speak of the years of hard struggle, but few have really tried to understand what it is that determines whether or not a firm survives these years. This book describes the decisive factors or cornerstones, as we have chosen to call them. Eight important cornerstones must all be present to support the business platform necessary for a firm to continue to develop, to be profitable and stable.
Magnus Klofsten, Professor of Entrepreneurship and founding Director of the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) at Linköping University (Sweden).
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TII - Technology Innovation International
Third edition of a book written for people who intend to become or already are entrepreneurs. It will also be of interest to business support professionals and is suitable as a textbook for students studying business and for entrepreneurship. The business platform model can be used to diagnose a firm at different points in its development, to identify where its strengths lie and to detect possible weaknesses, which may require corrective action. Investors, for example, can assess whether they should continue to invest money in a start-up.
In short, the aim of this publication is to increase insight into and knowledge of what is necessary for newly created firms to survive and flourish. It will help entrepreneurs and those supporting new businesses to develop a more effective and structured action plan. The ultimate ambition is that the right firm receives the right injection of capital at the right time.
"On the basis of his research, Klofsten has developed concrete tools which entrepreneurs and business support professionals can use in their daily work."  Per Davidsson, Professor, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane

"Magnus Klofsten has managed in a masterly way to combine his extensive theoretical knowledge with sharp practical observations." Uno Elfredéen, entrepreneur and senior businessman
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